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Game Of Thrones Whisky Collection


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Game of Thrones Whisky Collection.

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House Lannister is represented by Lagavulin, known for its powerful smoky flavours.

House Stark is represented by Dalwhinnie, whose whiskies are forged in the cold of the North

House Targaryen is represented by Cardhu, whose history boasts strong female leaders in a male-dominated society.

House Tully is represented by Glendullan, who used the power of water to create stunning whisky.

House Tyrell is represented by Clynelish, whose floral tones and smoky kick represent the Golden Rose of House Tyrell.

House Baratheon is represented by Royal Lochnagar, whose reign outlived that of the Baratheons, but whose whisky just as lively and full of character as the fallen House.

House Greyjoy is represented by Talisker, an island distillery which faces the harsh seas and survives.

Finally, the Night’s Watch is represented by Oban, who face the barren seas between the West Highlands and the Islands of Scotland.

Out of stock

Product Description

Game Of Thrones Whisky Collection- Whisky is coming!

A collection of eight Scotch whiskies to represent the great houses of Westeros and the noble and courageous Night’s Watch. Whichever house your allegiance lies with there is something in this set for you. Whether you live for fire like the Mother of Dragons, remain loyal like the Starks or fight tooth and nail for power like the Lannisters, there is a whisky to represent the spirit and essence of each House. The distilleries chosen for these whiskies are equally prestigious and have characteristics that align with the Houses of Westeros and the Watchers on the Wall. For for detail on the
Game Of Thrones Whisky Collection, see below.


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