Navy Strength Gin Tasting


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A private tasting of five artisan gins bottled at navy strength!

We will explore the fascinating history of navy strength gin and taste five outstanding examples from artisan microdistilleries located across England and Scotland.

The price per guest is £17.50. Choose how many guests you would like to book for your tasting below up to a maximum of 18. Each guest must be at least 18 years old.

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Product Description

The tradition of navy strength gins goes back to the gins issued to sailors in the British Navy in the 19th Century. Gins on ship were required to have a minimum strength of 57% ABV (114% proof) so that gunpowder could still be used to fire the ship’s canons if it came into contact with the gin. With the renaissance in gin distilling and renewed interest in classic cocktails, there has also been a resurgence in interest for navy strength gins, with their unique aromatic and powerful flavours.

We will taste five gins each bottled at a minimum of 57% ABV – not a tasting for the faint hearted!

  • Sipsmith VJOP Gin (57.7% ABV)
  • Tarquin’s The Sea Dog Navy Strength Gin (57% ABV)
  • Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin (57% ABV)
  • Pickering’s Navy Strength Gin (57.1% ABV)
  • NB Navy Strength Gin (57% ABV)

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