• springbank 12 cask strength

Springbank 12yr cask strength 56.1%


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Springbank 12yr cask strength 56.1%

Single Malt
Distilled at Springbank distillery

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Product Description

This second 2020 batch of Springbank 12 year old has been bottled at 56.1% and uses a melange of wood types- 45% sherry, 25% bourbon, 25% burgundy and 5% port.

Nose : This cask strength whisky packs a lot of signature Springbank characteristics in from start to finish. The peat smoke is immediately present and very welcome with a lovely ashiness. Aromas of bruised apples, mahogany and tobacco leaves. There is a candied sweetness with notes of glazed red cherries, and sugar coated cola cubes.

Palate : It is rich and sweet to taste with ripe and juicy red fruit flavours. Strawberries and raspberries give way to orange flavoured chocolate and gooey toasted marshmallows and bubbling caramelised sugar.

Finish : In the finish the earthy, dusty notes remain as well as the mouth drying tannins from the burgundy casks. The whisky is deliciously sweet and smoky with the familiar Springbank characteristics prevailing.


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