At Tomoka Spirits Boutique we are absolutely crazy about gin – especially artisan gins made right here in the UK.

It looks like we’re not the only ones, as gin has seemingly never been more popular (with the exception of the days of the Gin Palaces but happily we’re taking a far more measured approach to “Mother’s Ruin” these days!). Even the most ardent gin-thusiast has to admit that it’s a crowded market place so how do you create something really special and different?

The team at Hepple Gin, created by our good friend Mixologist Nick Strangeway and chef Valentine Warner, have built their own distillery in Northumberland housing not just a copper pot still but also a glass vacuum distillation and high pressure CO2 extraction machinery to create an immensely distinctive gin, packed with layers of flavour. This alchemical wizardry enables the team to distill two different types of juniper three different ways together with a range of delicate botanicals including bog myrtle, Douglas Fir and lovage.

Tomoka_Hepple_Gin_2Hepple Gin has a rich bouquet of green apple, grapefruit zest and juniper spice with hints of Douglas Fir, raspberry and blackcurrant. On the palate, big flavours of fresh citrus, ripe melon and juniper, leading to a long finish of sandlewood, sweet blackcurrant and liquorice.

Without doubt one of the most distinctive and exciting gins we have tasted this year. Only launched in October 2015, this is an absolute must try for any gin enthusiast. It also makes a superb martini!

Hepple Gin is available from our stores for £41.50.