Here at Tomoka Spirits Boutique we are great believers in the old adage you can never have too much of a good thing. With that in mind, we have specially selected a single barrel of unique aged Caribbean rum and had it bottled especially for us!

Three rums, distilled and cask matured in St. Lucia, Guyana and Jamaica, have been blended together and shipped to Pierre Ferrand’s Château de Bonbonnet in the Cognac region of France to be married together in a small French oak barrel which was previously used to mature Banyuls, the celebrated desert wine of Roussillon in the South of France.

Tomoka_Worthy_Park_DistilleryEach island contributes something different to the rum’s flavour. The Guyana rum was distilled at the only working wooden still remaining in the world and brings big and bold spice notes, while the St Lucian rum introduces rich flavours of roasted molasses. The Jamaican rum was distilled at Worthy Park, a one man operated artisan distillery which produces very complex and flavoursome rums, with notes of raisins, ripe oranges and vanilla.

Tomoka_Plantation_RumAfter their journey across the Atlantic Ocean, the runs are further matured together in an ex-Banyuls cask which adds an overlay of rich honeyed fruit and citrus, resulting in a beautifully complex and elegant rum.

Our barrel yielded only 450 bottles – a rare treat and the perfect present for any rum aficionado (or yourself!). It’s available now in both our stores while stocks last for £55.95.